“Imran Ahmad is fascinating to listen to.  His message brought a big crowd of people into our offices to listen.  His wit and delivery style engaged them throughout.  Enjoyable and informative ... so many subjects ... Islam and the West, global politics, modern history, international relations, Homeland Security, even Shakespeare and spirituality, all woven by a master storyteller into a spellbinding narrative that gave many of us fresh perspectives. The audience loved it!

We sold out of his book within minutes of him finishing.  Imran, please come back again!”


Mike Faith

CEO and President

Headsets.com, Inc

San Francisco, CA




Unimagined by Imran Ahmad is a wonderful book and Imran is a gracious, poignant, and engaging speaker. Everyone who came to hear him speak at Unity Temple was mesmerized by his stories, wit, and humility. Those who have read his book have greatly enjoyed his creatively written memoir. His personal mission of seeking to re-humanize both Christians and Muslims will surely lead him to an ever wider audience.”


Rev. Alan C. Taylor

Senior Minister

Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Chicago, IL




“You took my husband, Ken, and me from  tears to laughter to contemplation on how much alike all people are, no matter what their beliefs.  You are a Muslim, Ken is a Christian, and I am a Jew.  All three of us believe in the re-humanization of all people; we realize all governments make mistakes; and we do not blame an entire nation, religion, or nationality for the evil acts of a few extremists.  Unfortunately, there are extremists in every religion. Ken and I hope you will return to the United States and speak to the general public in hopes that they too will open their minds and learn to re-humanize people.  If you ever return to Boise, Idaho, please let us know.  You are welcome to stay in our home.”


Valerie Cobbs

Boise, ID




“Imran Ahmad's talk in Pasadena was a real eye-opener, though not only in the way I'd expected.  There was much more to his presentation than merely sharing his experiences as the child of Pakistani immigrants in England.  Imran is a consummately entertaining storyteller, who focuses on the humanity of everyone he meets and knows just how to extract the relevant theme from each experience so that his audience can appreciate its full import.  He truly engages with the audience, establishing rapport through humorously self-deprecating anecdotes and no-holds-barred honesty.  And the question and answer portion of Imran's talk was every bit as interesting as the prepared speech.  Imran Ahmad will give any group a fascinating introduction to an unfamiliar world and enrich the life of anyone who wants to engage on a personal level with a fellow human being.”

C Reed

Film Producer

Los Angeles




“Imran was a delight: entertaining (exuberant might be a better word!), informative, thoughtful, and accessible.  After a talk lasting an hour and a half, he graciously answered questions and then continued to enjoy many conversations with individuals at a reception.  His message is vital; his presence is energizing.”


Rev. Dr. Marni Harmony

Interim Minister

Emerson UU Congregation

Marietta, GA




“Imran Ahmad is just as entertaining and thought-provoking in person as he is in his book. He is able to weave an intricate story line including humor and insight that comes right to the point in comparing the social, cultural, and national differences between people from ‘the West’ and people who follow the Muslim faith. What I found of greatest importance is that despite my beliefs (or maybe because of them?) perhaps we are more alike than we are different. And in these turbulent world times, it is critical to both understand and appreciate how we can live in harmony, not just co-exist in our separate regions of the world.”


Bruce Shoger

Senior Executive

Minneapolis, MN




“I attended the Headsets.com speaking event … And was one of the lucky ones to grab a book at the event.

I just finished the book this weekend … It was fantastic.  I had a hard time putting it down, and my wife noticed how involved I was in reading the book ... (She is going to read it next).  Please make sure to put me on your mailing list when you release the next phase of your life (in book format). -- The teaser at the end of the book … was enough to want much more.

Thanks again for the great book.”

Bruce Seibert

Director of Sales, Western Region – Plantronics

San Francisco, CA




“You were articulate, light-hearted yet offered a serious and persuasive appraisal of the strained relationship between Muslims and the West. Your handling of the subject matter was highly entertaining yet meaningful. The stories you shared from your own life underscored your points and revealed a delightfully self-deprecating sense of humor. Though delivered without notes or references, the hour-long presentation successfully combined anecdotes and analysis to drive home your message about the need for ‘rehumanization’ in our world.”


Michael Schuler

Senior Minister

First Unitarian Society

Madison, WI




“Imran’s wit and passion are equally formidable.  His stories about finding his own emotional balance in a post 911 world obsessed with terrorism come across as wry observations, almost a meditative stance, urging the listener to greater understanding and compassion.”


Mike Philley

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Boise, ID



"Imran Ahmad is an amusing laugh-out-loud speaker but his words contain wisdom and experience.  His self-effacing stories of growing up Moslem in the Western world, held me spellbound.  Imran is truly an ambassador for the philosophy that regardless of background and where we live in the world, we are ONE people."


Carolyn Shohet

Carlisle, MA




“Imran Ahmad's presentation both delighted and surprised me.  Here was the delight: an urbane, sophisticated, humorous man who spoke with grace and ease about complex, difficult concepts, highlighting the human foibles we all – regardless of race, color or creed – share.  And here's what surprised me: despite his sophistication, despite the fact that as a businessman he made dozens of flights to the United States BEFORE 9/11 and was treated as any other businessman, he was treated with suspicion and negative judgment AFTER 9/11 – simply because of his name, skin color and country of origin (Pakistan).   After 9/11, it often took him hours to get through security – hours of being detained and politely questioned, the same questions each time, and yet he was so gracious, even humorous, about it.  The stain of suspicion spreads far and wide in this country, and Imran is a living example of what it takes to overcome it.”


Maril Crabtree


Kansas City, KS




"I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Ahmad speak twice while he was in the Florida Tampa Bay Area.  During a Sunday morning service at Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg, he delivered what I enjoyed calling the "anti-sermon" because he didn't feel entirely comfortable with the notion of delivering a theological oration!  Nevertheless, he charmed and delighted everyone who attended and evoked images of his "coming of age" that we could all appreciate, whether raised Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or with no religious affiliation at all.  The following evening he made a presentation at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Clearwater, which several people from St. Petersburg attended because we wanted to hear more from him.

I read his book "Unimagined" before he visited our church and, although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I relished his warm and funny oral delivery of his anecdotes even more.”


Patricia Robinson MDiv

Chair of Worship Committee

Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg, Florida



"Imran's session was fresh, insightful and peppered with his characterestic humour ... it brought every aspect of the book alive in front of us !!  His re-humanization message is delivered subtly, through an understated confidence and passion. Thanks for such a wonderful effort, Imran !!"


Biplab & Gouri Adhya





“My church and I enjoyed hosting Imran Ahmad, author of the book "UNIMAGINED".  He is a sparkling and witty speaker whose wry, self-deprecating humor helps to carry his message that most Muslims are just regular folks like the rest of us – raising their families and living their lives with the same challenges facing everyone else.

We would love it if his book, UNIMAGINED, were more freely available here in the United States. It is a timely and thoughtful treatment of issues which could very well bring the human race closer together.”


Mark Albright
Social Action Chairman,
Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley




“He is a charismatic speaker, and could easily become the definitive symbol of how Islam and America will reach greater understanding and acceptance.“


Rev. Hannah Petrie

Associate Minister

Neighborhood UU Church

Pasadena, CA




“Those of us who have read Imran’s book have loved it, and we got a good turnout for his visit—people are very taken with his humor and engaging style, plus his message of coming to know each other as persons, not as categories or “thems.”


Rev. Elizabeth Greene

UUA Board trustee

Boise, ID




“This was an amazing talk.  Imran weaved Shakespeare, re-humanization, anthropology, current affairs, Islam and the West, geo-politics, corporate life, self-help, spirituality, motivation and following your dream into a wonderful, engaging and hilarious narrative that had me riveted.”  


McKell Moorhead

Tampa Bay, FL




“Imran gave a tremendous speech ... He speaks from the heart, is entertaining and engaging – and is a first rate public speaker.”


Barbara Herts

Former CEO YoungMinds





“... had the audience in stitches ...”


THREE WEEKS magazine

Edinburgh Festival




“The perfect corporate speaker – intelligent and funny.”


Edel Smith





“... captivated the audience ...”


Jill Morris

Morley Literature Festival, UK




“I paid to hear Tony Blair speak in Santa Barbara, but this was so much better.”


Audience member – San Francisco  April 23, 2009




“I’ve been to many talks by famous writers, but this was the most enjoyable one ever.”


Audience member – Atlanta  April 3, 2009




“Imran held schools workshops in which the children and teachers alike were engaged, spellbound, and deeply moved.  His uplifting and inspirational message has universal resonance -- regardless of background, culture or ethnicity.  He's also very, very funny."


Paula Truman

Schools Workshop Organiser

Morley, Leeds, UK




“We invited Imran to give a talk at a fundraiser for Dorothy House Hospice Care, which serves a large area of Bath, Wiltshire and Somerset.  The event took place during the Bath Literature Festival 2008.  Imran charmed a room  full of 'ladies that lunch' with an engaging account of his efforts to publish his autobiography, Unimagined.  His whistle-stop tour of the arcane world of literary agents and book deals proved highly entertaining – and very informative!”


Phillippa Watson, Events organiser

Dorothy House Hospice Care

Winsley, Wiltshire, UK




Scott Pack:

Is Imran Ahmad the funniest writer around? If his latest blog post about the Edinburgh Book Festival is anything to go by then he is certainly a challenger? He does owe me a lunch though so I point you in the direction of his blog begrudgingly.




Linda Grant:

Last week I commended to your attention the weepingly funny account of author Imran Ahmad's trip to the Edinburgh International Book festival where he met Gordon Brown, while dressed in shorts.

Yesterday afternoon, in the authors' yurt in Edinburgh, a pleasant man in a linen suit came over to introduce himself to me. This was
Imran Ahmad in person. He had been deluged with visits to his blog from The Thoughtful Dresser, more he said, than from all the other sites put together.

He pressed into my hand a signed copy of his book,
Unimagined: a Muslim boy meets the West, which I read on the plane coming home.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this book, particularly his account of how he was robbed of the title of Karachi's Bonniest Baby by political corruption and nepotism. Here he is, pictured on the cover, in the contest.

Look, just go and buy it. It's the story of a Pakistani Muslim Adrian Mole. What's not to like? Eh?




Baroque in Hackney:

"Well, of course it turns out Imran’s very lucky he didn’t trash Sathnam’s book - this plot has almost every kind of intrigue you can imagine, plus inclement weather, Gordon Brown, and even the fastest Bentley Continental ever built, but at least there’s no cold-blooded revenge on the motorway. Read the rest here, I promise you won’t regret it."





Another instalment from Imran Ahmad who went back to Edinburgh for more, and first you have to see just who he met on the train, and then who he took under his wing in the Writer's Yurt. Such generosity of spirit in sharing his prodigious talent with up and coming young writers.




Andrew Collins:

Unimagined did really well. It sold, it picked up good reviews and was shortlisted for awards. And because it's Imran's first book – he's got a boring day job and everything – you can't help but be delighted for him as it's taken off. He's already been invited to bigger and more glamorous book festivals than I ever did, and he's even been flown to Australia for one, where his book is about to be published. He's an international author, and he wears it with admirable humility and self-deprecating humour. His website is here. The reason I mention it now is that he's written a very long and detailed, but funny account of his trip to this year's Edinburgh Book Festival, on his blog.

There's nothing worse than writers moaning about being writers. Imran is a tonic in this regard. (I know I moan about being one – it's most unbecoming.)  












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